Our program

Rise & shine. This get your team in the office program will provide your team with a daily coffee to redeem at their favorite coffee shops before work, or for a great afternoon pick me up before a big meeting.


easy to manage

How It WOrks

Choose how many employees you want on Brewpass and we'll get your team set up in minutes. It’ll run on autopilot, and each month we’ll send you an invoice and a digital receipt with all the details you need to simplify your accounting.

Simply send in the emails of the employees you would like to add to the account. We will take care of the rest.


Make sure all your employees are alert, caffeinated and working at their best


Over 5 employees plans are $35 per month per person. Just $1.16 for each coffee.

Over 10 Employees plans are $30 per month per person. Just $1 for each coffee drink.


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